Provide the Structured Training Your Workforce Needs with an LMS

Provide the Structured Training Your Workforce Needs with an LMS

Many Veteran led businesses are particularly successful because of the way they run their businesses: with order and discipline. When it comes to training your workforce, offering your employees a structured training experience makes the world of a difference. But how exactly are companies with small training departments meeting the personalized learning goals of each employee in the office? Many have turned to a learning management system, (LMS) for help.

Could an LMS be a Great Tool for Your Organization?

A learning management system is a software application that organizations use to deliver, track, and assess educational material for employees. With an LMS platform, like iSolved Learn, companies can create learning that is scalable, customizable, and accessible anywhere. Here’s how:

Access Everything in One Place

One of the best things about an LMS is having all of your training, onboarding, job development, and continued learning material in one place. This lets managers easily administer content to different employees, groups, and course paths. It also helps people more quickly update content when needed.

Customize Learning 

A good LMS will let you create your own courses and upload your own content. iSolved Learn gives you these options, as well as the ability to add material from a library of pre-built courses including safety videos, sexual harassment training, and soft-skill learning.

Easily Measure Success

Are your training efforts effective? An LMS can help you track employee progress. With iSolved Learn, reports and dashboards make this incredibly easy.

Save Time

With an LMS, employees can work at their own pace, and skip over information they already know. Gamification and quizzes can be used to assess a user’s understanding, making sure no one misses any important information.

Stay Compliant

If you need to stay up to date with current compliance regulations, then an LMS is an invaluable tool. Compliance laws change on a regular basis and updating traditional course material can be time-consuming. Employing an LMS gives you the ability to add new compliance standards to your online training quickly and easily. Additionally, with a corporate-wide LMS, you can be sure that compliance training is consistent across your organization regardless of location.

Build an engaged and productive workforce with Dominion Payroll’s learning management software, iSolved Learn

With customizable learning paths, effective gamification tools, access to pre-built courses, and simple reporting tools, iSolved Learn is the perfect platform to help companies attain their training and development goals.

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