VeteranCrowd Spotlight Podcast – Flossie Hall Co-Founder of The Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE)

Flossie Hall - Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

Military Spouses

Before the pandemic, this group struggled through unemployment rates in excess of 24%, and upwards of 50% experienced a period of unemployment in any given year. While 88% have post-secondary education, many are ‘under-employed’ serving in positions not normally filled by similarly qualified individuals.

Thus is the plight of our Military Spouses. Moves, deployments, a nation on a war footing - they also serve who stand and wait. 

We invited Flossie Hall, a military spouse, entrepreneur, and social media guru, to step into the VeteranCrowd Spotlight in this episode.

flossie hall moni jefferson AMSE
Moni Jefferson and Flossie Hall co-founders of AMSE

In July 2019 Flossie and her Co-Founder, Moni Jefferson, founded AMSE (The Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs),  a company that seeks to connect military spouses and elevate their entrepreneurship to new heights. AMSE is a global virtual military spouse entrepreneur membership organization with access to education, resource programs and high touch masterclasses to help them start, launch and grow their businesses. 

Flossie Hall sought to become a doctor while attending college at the University of Michigan, but her path changed after she met her Navy husband. She realized that her priorities were changing for her family, and instead of attending medical school, she started the Healthy Mama Facebook business page. Within the year the page was driving seven figures in revenue, and Flossie Hall discovered her new passion.


Today, AMSE is a centralized database of thousands of military spouse creatives, photographers, freelancers, and advocates. AMSE also creates brand tailored campaigns, allows military spouses to attend exclusive events, and builds lasting relationships for brands. 

AMSE has already been featured at NY Fashion Week, in Yahoo Finance, Military Families Magazine and Military Spouse Magazine just to name a few.

We placed Flossie in the Spotlight to discuss her adaptation to being a military spouse, her leadership role in the military spouse community, and her dedication to connecting military spouses in business.

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  1. Rob Campbell Reply

    Military Spouses = American National Treasures. They can bring incredible value to a wide variety of organizations. Too many fail to understand this because their skills, experience and values don’t translate well on a resume. I’m their champion!

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