VeteranCrowd Spotlight – Floyd McLendon – Former Navy SEAL running for Congress in Texas

Floyd McLendon - Former Navy SEAL is running for Congress in Texas

You interviewed the “Tree?” Well yes I did….Floyd McLendon is a former Navy SEAL running for Congress in Texas.

I failed to pull this nickname out of Floyd McClendon on our podcast interview. But it did not take long for his friends to let me know.

Evidently, Floyd McLendon is a Legend.

Floyd McLendon - Navy SEAL

Floyd McLendon is a retired US Navy SEAL residing in “The Great State of Texas.” He is running to represent the 4th Congressional District.

We sat down to talk military life, veterans and the dedication necessary to run for Congress and lead once there.

McLendon grew up in South Side Chicago, and chose to enlist shortly after high school. “I needed the maturity,” he said.McLendon planned to spend six years in the service, but as his first tour drew to a close, he changed his mind.

A radar and satellite technician aboard three different ships, McLendon sought to enter SEAL training. One minor hurdle – he had to learn to swim.

As a testament to his determination, he passed the requirements and entered Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School (BUD/S) 6 months later. Through illness and injury, McClendon made two trips through BUD/S before earning his Trident.

A six-year stint stretched into 25. McLendon retired from active duty in 2017 and left Coronado for the plains of Texas

McLendon for Congress

But it was his penchant for public speaking that started to path to a Congressional bid. After delivering a speech in 2013, McClendon was asked by a California Congressman if he would ever consider running for congress. That Congressman recognized something McClendon did not see in himself.

Upon returning from Guam in 2017. McClendon revisited the idea with that same Congressman, and then spent a year on Capitol Hill on a Legislative Fellowship.

The die was cast.

McClendon is vying to be selected the Republican nominee in the primary next week, and to represent the Texas 4th Congressional District after the election in November.

The Spotlight

McClendon stepped into the VeteranCrowd Spotlight to cover a range of issues:

- Hear some of his campaign trail stories. The many miles trekking across his district and knocking on doors
- HIs experience and observation that 99% of the work in Congress is difficult and thankless
- How military training, discipline, and working in the Teams and focusing on the Mission prepares him to lead in Congress
- How military, law enforcement, and first-responders serve as examples of ways to work together
- And the importance of being humble, but firm and standing your ground.

McClendon seeks to be a voice of experience in Congress for the military and our veterans, and to bring a purpose and service-driven heart to Washington.

You can follow Floyd McLendon on Linkedin, and learn about his campaign on the McLendon for Congress Web Page

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