Heather Earles – Military Spouse, Author, Blogger and Podcaster of Herb ’N Wisdom

Heather Earles

Heather Earles – Military Spouse, Author, Blogger and Podcaster of Herb ’N Wisdom

Heather grew up an old soul. Early on learning how to can and the ins and outs of a self-sustainable lifestyle. She has decided to share that knowledge with those around her. As a blogger and podcaster, she regularly shares about nutrition, a holistic lifestyle and dives into helping you realize your God-given gifts. Her hope is that her audience and reader can reach a higher level  of success. In addition to all of that and running a small self-sustainable farm, Heather is an author.

Journey as an Author

A busy morning on the farmHeather started writing back in 2015 with her first novel, To Know Her Calling. She is currently working a book entitled Prisoner Within. It is the first book of a four part series, called Ordinary Heroes. Part of writing this book also includes creating a cookbook that features the favorite recipes of fallen heroes. Be sure to contact her if you know a family that would want to be featured. She also has a children’s book coming out soon called, A Busy Morning on the Farm.

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