Nick Smith – Navy Veteran & Partner, 37th & Moss

Nick Smith – Navy Veteran & Partner, 37th & Moss

From a young age, Nick had a desire to take to the skies, inspired by his Great Uncle’s job of flying F-86s during the Korean War and his Grandfather’s service in the Air Force. Opting for the Navy, he fulfilled his passion for flying as an F-18 test pilot during his active duty service. Post-military life, Nick set his sights on entrepreneurship, gaining valuable experience in small businesses at a bank. This journey led him to join forces with a business school colleague, giving birth to 37th and Moss – a dynamic search fund dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in acquiring and running small businesses.

37th & Moss

37th & Moss, a search fund, supports entrepreneurs in acquiring and operating a single business. Through defined criteria, networking, due diligence, and negotiation, the fund aims to acquire a business, actively participate in operations, and honor the legacy of the previous owner. The focus is on a smooth transition, cohesive operations, community impact, and continuous improvement while respecting the business’s mission and values.

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