VeteranCrowd Spotlight Podcast – Todd Baldwin President and Founder of Red Leg Brewing

“Not in a million years.” 

That is what Todd Baldwin told his parents after visiting the Virginia Military Institute for the first time on a football recruiting visit. But after a lot of discussion, and more than a little parental guidance, Todd came to Lexington, VA from Iowa and matriculated into VMI with the Class of 2006. 

After playing D-1 football in the Southern Conference, and stops in the 101st Airborne Division, a tour in Iraq, a stint as a high school football coach, and friends in Nashville loving his home made beer, the VMI decision led Todd down the path to entrepreneurship.

Red Leg Brewing Company was established to provide the highest quality craft beer to honor the Men and Women who currently and formerly served The United States Military.” 

Todd Baldwin is the President and Founder of Red Leg Brewing Company, a veteran owned brewery which aims to honor current and former military men and women through their high quality craft beer. 

And to think it started as a hobby in a kitchen in Nashville. 

Todd’s friends thought he made pretty good home made beer. Todd, on the other hand, was convinced his friends just liked drinking free beer. Today, Red Leg Brewing is one of the most successful up and coming craft brewers in Colorado. Focused from the beginning on “continuing to serve those who serve,” Red Leg is expanding rapidly through the DOD Exchange network, and is opening a new outdoor venue early this fall.  

We placed the Spotlight on Todd to discuss the craft beer industry, the lessons he has learned in the military and in business, leading from the front, coaching high school football, raising cash, managing during the Covid-19 crisis, and opening a new venue in the Garden of the Gods at the foot of Pike’s Peak.

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