VeteranCrowd Spotlight – Michael DeSa of AGD Consulting – Agribusiness and the Marine Corps

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Mike DeSa is the founder and managing director of AGD Consulting. AGD is a veteran-owned, strategic advisory firm servicing the global food, agriculture investment and technology sectors. We invited Mike, an agriculture expert, author, and US Marine Corps veteran to step into the VeteranCrowd Spotlight in this episode.

When Mike was 10 years old he sought to join the US Marine Corps. He wrote to his local recruiter, expecting to join soon thereafter. The recruiter wrote back telling Mike to come back when he was 17. Steadfast on becoming a Marine, Mike completed his education at Texas A&M, and received a commission into the US Marine Corps.. Mike went on to be an infantry officer.

Michael DeSa on their farm in South America

Today, Mike is one of the many masterminds behind the company that is AGD Consulting. He is also a published author in Global AgInvesting News, Global AgInvesting Gazette, AgTech Nexus, Agri Investor, Huffington Post, and the Marine Corps Gazette.

We placed Mike in the Spotlight to discuss his Marine Corps experience, his knowledge of time management, and the power of making long lasting, quality connections.

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