VeteranCrowd Spotlight Podcast – Lino Miani Founder of Navisio Global and the Combat Diver Foundation

“We’re clearly much better looking than the Navy seals, but we’re essentially trained and equipped in the same way.” 

Green Berets and Navy SEALS – let the debate begin.

Lino Miani, US Special Forces veteran, author and entrepreneur stepped into the Spotlight with me recently. Lino is a 1997 graduate of the USMA at West Point, a veteran ODA commander, and Combat Diver.

Entrepreneur and author

Lino Miani was a Green Beret and a Combat Diver

In 2014, Lino founded Navisio Global, an organization that provides analysis and consultation for matters related to international economy, political economy, corporate risk, and regional social issues.

Not your typical master’s thesis, Lino’s SF experience ended up becoming the book, The Sulu Arms Market: National Responses to a Regional Problem. Familiar with Malaysia as part of the Army’s 1st Special Forces Group, with a Masters in Strategic and Defense Studies, Lino offers solid expertise ranging from international economics to regional social issues.

Navisio Global has adapted to recent events and offers COVID planning for small businesses that do not have the resources of larger corporations. Navisio Global offers services to small businesses located in the US, Latin America, and Spain.

The Combat Diver Foundation

Lino is also the founder of the Combat Diver Foundation.  The CDF helps preserve the history and artifacts  of US and Allied Special Operation Forces Combat Divers. 

Today, the Combat Diver Foundation offers professional maintenance and preservation of the class plaques and other memorabilia. In the future, the organization plans to open a museum dedicated to these elite soldiers. 

While fundraising for the foundation during Covid 19 has posed new challenges, virtual events have provided a new way of gathering support for his cause. A virtual fundraiser “Jump and Dive 2020,” is scheduled for August 29th. 

The Spotlight

We placed Lino in the Spotlight to discuss his service with the Army’s 1st Special Forces Group, his leadership role as the Founder of Navisio Global, and his dedication to preserving the history of U.S Special Forces Combat Divers. 

Learn more about Lino Miani on LinkedIn.

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