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Sam Meek is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sandboxx.

Growing up in Sun Valley, ID, Sam learned to ski and spent countless hours outdoors.

He also grew up in a family of Marines. Sam almost always knew he too would become a Marine. So, when the Towers fell on 9-11, he enlisted and headed off to Pariss Island. Sam had two deployments, the second to Fallujah, where a non-combat injury and recovery brought him back to the States.

Sam left the Marine Corps after five years.

While trying to determine his next step, Sam started caddying. A golf course conversation led to an interview and a job on Wall Street working for a hedge fund…sometimes showing up makes all the difference.

That happenstance meeting really started Sam on the path to Sandboxx – it really is funny how our lives make so much more sense in hindsight.

The Spotlight

We asked Sam to step into The Spotlight.

Join us as Sam shares the story of the foundation of the company. He shares the story of his unique founding partner, Ray Louis “E-Tool” Smith,  MG – USMC Retired.

Sam describes how Sandboxx found that one unique thing that makes a company different.

And he shares some of the trials of starting a company and being the CEO.

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