Problem solving and sense of purpose drives entrepreneurial success – Seda Goff of PenFed Foundation

Seda Goff PenFed Foundation Director of Veteran Entrepreneurs

What makes veterans such successful entrepreneurs?

Seda Goff thinks it is "problem solving" and an "ingrained sense of purpose."

Seda Goff is the Director of Veteran Entrepreneurship at the PenFed Foundation. Part of Pentagon Federal Credit Union, the PenFed Foundation was formed in the period right after 9-11 to assist veterans in need. Over the years, the Foundation has helped thousands.

And now it has taken the initiative to support and invest directly into veteran-led startup businesses.

Stepping into the Spotlight

We sat down recently and asked Seda to step into the Spotlight on the VeteranCrowd Network.

Seda is not a veteran, but her family and her career path followed veterans all the way. A graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy in Istanbul, and having served in the Turkish Navy, Seda's father came to the US and taught at  the USMMA, LSU and West Point. But Seda calls DC home. She attended college as a sailing team member and lacrosse player.

And she's no stranger to entrepreneurship herself. Seda traces those roots back to the lacrosse team she started in high school, and she has been bitten with the startup bug ever since.

Seda's experience includes work at The Capitol Post in Alexandria and as a leader for Bunker Labs in the DC area.

And now the PenFed Foundation is investing directly in promising startups, and hosting a Masters Program for entrepreneurs. The first cohort met this month in a retreat at Patriot Point in Maryland.

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