47 From the Marine Corps to the Navy Seals – Kevin Seiff USNA ’08

Kevin Seiff USNA '08

When Kevin Seiff was twelve years old, he discovered the Navy and decided he wanted to become a Navy SEAL. His quest successful, Kevin entered BUD/S in Coronado….. 

Fifteen years later.

Kevin Seiff steps into the Spotlight

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area,  Seiff learned about the Naval Academy through his grandfather, father, uncles and cousins that served. “I didn’t know the difference between an officer and enlisted, or much of the differences between the branches other than the Army falls on the ground and the Navy was on the water.”

At Annapolis, Seiff played water polo and boxed well enough to make his mark in the Brigade Championships. 

Marine to SEAL – Kevin Seiff USNA ’08

But the competition was stiff for SEAL slots. The Class of 2008 attracted a large number of serious midshipmen in a wartime footing. Fewer than 26 slots were available to a class of over a thousand. Sief would have to wait.

But he did not relent. Seiff commissioned and served as a Marine for almost four years, applying twice before success and orders for BUD/S at 27 years of age.

Kevin shares his journey, the challenges and trials.

Residing in Encinitas, CA  has recently transitioned, attended the Honor Foundation, and is currently Head of Business Development  – Biotech for Theery, where he sources professional talent for the Life Sciences industry.

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