Annapolis to Blockchain – Stephanie Vaughan USNA ’07 in the Spotlight

Annapolis to Blockchain - Stephanie Vaughan USNA '07

You trust your bank to be private, accurate and secure. So how is Blockchain technology the next evolution in trust, privacy, accuracy and security?

Stephanie Vaughan, VP Corporate Development at Equa, stepped into the VeteranCrowd Spotlight to tell us how. 

Annapolis to Blockchain

A 2007 graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, she commissioned into the Marine Corps. After five years of active duty, she earned her MBA at Columbia and entered investment banking. Her career path includes venture debt, venture lending, and now blockchain technology. 

Blockchain and digital currencies continue to evolve.

But blockchain applications are not limited to digital currency like Bitcoin. Equa is developing blockchain applications for the tokenization and digital forms of securities. So imagine a new way to compensate employees with stock, only digital. This technology allows even small business to have an efficient, verifiable, secure means of issuing incentives. 

And blockchain does not stop there - Equa will be applying it to a wide variety of applications where accuracy and security are required.

But enough about that. 

Stephanie also shares her thoughts on military business leaders, and we discussed the evolving role  and acceptance of women at the Academies and on active duty.

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