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Bob Adams author SEAL BUD?S 81

Bob Adams’ Great-Great-Grandfather’s battlefield commission at Gettysburg hangs on the office wall, a reminder of generations of service.

But Bob Adams almost broke the tradition, a grandson of the CNO from the Naval Academy Class of 1926, Bob was “more interested in motorcycles and girls” than going into the military until he read an article about the then very secret Navy special warfare operatives.

That article changed his course, and Bob Adams headed to the Naval Academy with the Class of 1973 determined to become a SEAL.

A lifetime of service

Today, Adams is a retired physician, an author, and veteran who is still paying it forward.

The stops along the way suggest the course was not so straight and narrow.

Because there were only three slots for the Class of 1973,  for Adams spent time in the fleet before being accepted to BUD/S training. Adams would be one of

The "Bad Boys of BUD/S 81" still remain close knit

eleven out of 70 to complete SEAL training and pin on the Trident.

He would earn his MBA, enter the business world and hate it, and then decide, at the age of 35, to apply to medical school. With an Army scholarship in hand, Adams resigned his Navy commission, and his 0-5 rank, and became a freshly minted Second Lieutenant. He would become a Command Surgeon within Army Special Operations and also deploy to Iraq with the 82nd.

And… build a private medical practice outside Raleigh, NC, then author two books, support veteran causes, and mentor entrepreneurs in medicine.

He’s busy even in retirement.

The Spotlight

We asked Bob to step into the Spotlight on the VeteranCrowd Network.

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