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Scott Tucker, author of Veteran Wealth Secrets,  acknowledges we surrender a lot of our liberty when we enter the military. So, as we transition out, we have a responsibility to get that freedom back and become autonomous again, personally, professionally and financially.

He is the founder of US Vet Wealth, the author of a new book Veteran Wealth Secrets and the creator of the Thirty Day LinkedIn Liberty Challenge. He provides powerful tools to help the veteran find financial freedom.

The Spotlight

So we asked Scott Tucker to step into the Spotlight.

Scott Tucker grew up wearing camo pants and studying the Civil War. So it was a natural thing for him to consider West Point. A 2002 graduate, Scott served in Germany and in OIF II as an Air Defense Artillery officer and as a liaison in an Air Force squadron.

As a language major at USMA, words matter and have meaning. Consequently, how we say things and how we communicate have a significant impact.

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Scott Tucker - author of Veteran Wealth Secrets

Take the term “Military Transition Process.”

Military” – It is focused from the military point of view.

Transition” – it is a change.

Process” – the military has some boxes they need to check

Bottom line, it’s about the military and not about the individual...

When Tucker hears canned guidance that each transitioning service member has to do certain things a certain way, Tucker responds, “Says who?”

Veteran Wealth Secrets

So why not write a book about it? After twenty years of perpetual war, the transition back to civilian life has become another “out-processing center.” Designed without much regard for the future and best interest of the veteran, Tucker thinks it is time for a fresh view.

VeteransWealth Secrets is "The playbook for obtaining financial control in the modern economy."

He writes, “Trends continue to show that veterans do not feel transition assistance programs are preparing them for a successful transition into civilian life.” Citing the Blue Star Families 2019 Military Family Lifestyle Survey.

“The big takeaway here is that a substantial percentage of military families are struggling financially even before transition. And people who are struggling to meet their day-to-day and month-to-month financial responsibilities do not have the means to implement any longer-term financial plans, which means they probably aren’t even making them.”

So rather than publish yet another “how to”  guide on resume writing and what kind of suit to buy, Tucker takes us on a deeper dive. Each veteran needs to find their passion and seek a career that leads to real independence, autonomy, and individual and financial freedom.

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