Take one more step or fall over – Tim Mobley in the Spotlight

Tim Mobley learned a valuable life lesson at US Army Ranger School. “I had the choice to take one more step or fall over,” he said.

And life as an entrepreneur is much the same way.

In 2008 when Mobley’s boss handed him an outsourcing book, saying “Read this and do something,” that meant India. So Mobley did, and in the process learned all of the tools he would need to launch a company of his own.

In the Spotlight

Tim Mobley is the Founder and President of Connext Global Solutions, a business process outsourcing company located in Honolulu. BPO is broadly defined as contracting the operations and responsibilities for a certain process to a third-party service provider.

Mobley is a 1993 graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point. He branched Medical Services upon graduation, only to be assigned to an Infantry Battalion and sent to Ranger School.

An economist at heart and interested in business, Mobley long planned for business school and attended Harvard. Not to be left out, Mobley’s wife decided to attend business school too, and got accepted first!

An Army connection invited Mobley to Hawaii to work in hospital management, and he and his wife have lived there ever since.

Business Process Outsourcing

Tim Mobley
Tim Mobley – Connext Global Solutions Employee Appreciation Day

Mobley founded Connext Global Solutions in 2014 with a partner, personal savings and one customer. Today that business has grown to 170 employees and is continuing to expand. Connext sources talent in the Philippines and focuses on staff augmentation for clients primarily in the medical field. The company has plans to expand from Hawaii to offer services in the contiguous forty states.

About our guest

You can learn more about Tim and Connext Global Solutions  with the following links:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/connextglobalsolutions

Website: https://www.connext.solutions/

ShareShop (Web Development) Website: https://shareshop.connextglobal.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/connextglobalsolutions

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