US Army to Pharma – Stan Miele – President of Aqualung Therapeutics

Stan Miele Aqualung Therapeutics

The path from Army ROTC to Pharma is one less traveled. Stan Miele, the President of Aqualung Therapeutics, stepped into the VeteranCrowd Spotlight.

The Spotlight

Miele entered Army ROTC at the University of Dayton, and selected the Army Medical Service Corps with an eye to the post-military applicability. That turned out to be the first step in a career in the pharmaceutical industry spanning over 35 years and leading to his role at Aqualung.

Stan Miele served in the Army Medical Service Corps

Aqualung Therapeutics is developing promising monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of unchecked inflammation. Their leading product has wide potential applications with specific benefits in acute lung injuries.  Addressing trauma induced inflammation, the product helps regulate the cytokine storm and dampen runaway inflammation. Aqualung believes the product will have a significant mortality benefit, and is conducting trials to complete FDA certification. 

Miele credits his military experience as a foundation for success in his career. 

"You don't know how to become an effective leader until you have that baptism by fire." he says.

A motorcycle enthusiast, Stan Miele now resides in Payson, AZ, a small town he discovered northeast of Phoenix. Passing through on the Harley, he and his wife fell in love with the town and choose to make it home. 

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