Checca’s Raiders – The Great Army Mule-napping Caper and the VMI Class of 1982

Checca's Raiders


It really did happen...

The Naval Academy pulled off a very successful raid of West Point in 1991, kidnapping four Army Mules and returning to Annapolis to celebrate.

A lesser known "prisoner raid" took place ten years earlier...

On September 18, 1981, five VMI cadets and one savvy sister launched an operation that has become a legend. They are Checca's Raiders.

Over thirty-nine years later, we drew them together for a reunion to tell the story, as best they can recall it, one more time.... Steve Checca, Jane Checca, Dave Shutt, Gray Scott, and Jeff Modisett.

Their story unfolds on a dark night on the grounds of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and plays out "Somewhere in Long Island."

And one other important detail... Final Score VMI 14 Army 7

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