Pro football, rocket scientist and Green Beret – Lee Harvey of Team Rubicon

Lee Harvey Team Rubicon

Three things I have never said in the same sentence: “pro football, rocket science and Green Beret.” But our guest Lee Harvey is, literally, all three!

Lee Harvey is the Crisis Innovation Lead for Team Rubicon.

Founded in 2010, Team Rubicon deploys volunteers to provide relief to disaster areas the world over. Its “gray shirts” are forward deployed right now helping the victims and survivors of Hurricanes Laura, Sally, Delta and Zeta.

And almost 70% of those gray shirts are military veterans.

So we asked Lee Harvey to step into the Spotlight.

The Spotlight

Lee grew up in Missouri in a vulnerable community and with a challenging home life. So enlisting in the military seemed like a path out. 

“The military became a father figure for me because it taught me discipline, esprit de corps and leadership – it became a father figure for me.” Harvey says. 

When it came time to re-enlist, “I felt that at that point in my life I had reached is as far as I can go in my current position, I was like, you know what? I’ve always wanted to be an educated man. So I got out and I decided to go to college and step out on that branch of faith.”

Harvey attended Texas Southern University and played D-1 college football. He also majored in engineering – one of only two players on the team to do so. (Author’s – sarcasm: Was the other engineer the kicker?). 

Lee Harvey Green Beret
Lee Harvey has traveled the world over as an Army Special Forces officer

The NFL scouts noticed, and the Vikings and the Eagles came calling. He ended up with the New Orleans Saints, “probably where I was the most dedicated to anything ever in my life.”

When that ended, as all football does, he returned to Houston. A college acquaintance had once offered him a shot interviewing for NASA – so he called back. 

Lee became a satellite tracking engineer communicating with the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station and working with the flight director.

Then one day he saw a parachute team out the window – he had to ask. The path to Green Beret laid before him. Afraid of heights, but sure he wanted to be a part, Harvey overcame his fear- he has over three hundred jumps himself. 

This is a fascinating story about a man who took some difficult paths and triumphed, but not without  tragedy. PTSD, and heartbreak.  

About our Guest

Lee Harvey Green BeretLee Harvey on LinkedIn

Lee Harvey is the Crisis Innovation Lead for Team Rubicon. He is a former Army Special forces officer, NASA engineer , and professional football athlete.

Team Rubicon

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