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Fund the First Bobby Garland

How will we look back on 2020? In a year of great political unrest, a global pandemic, contested elections, it is hard to tally the cost, even harder to see the silver lining.

But we believe in this country.  As in hard times before, it is resilient and spawns new and creative innovation.

The Spotlight

Bobby Garland, John Eichorn, Michael LaLuna, Kevin Darcey, and Mitch Weinstein co-founded and launched Fund the First this summer. Fund the First is the only crowdfunding site that certifies the identity of the first responder, medical and military beneficiaries.

Bobby Garland Fund the First
Bobby Garland CEO of Fund the First

As an active first responder, Bobby Garland has seen firsthand the hardships that the brave men and women who serve their communities face both on and off duty. As CEO and Founder of Fund the First, his sole mission is to provide a trustworthy platform where fellow first responders, members of the military and their families can get financial support in times of need.

The inspiration for Fund the First came when Bobby set out to help his superior officer who was facing mounting medical expenses related to his daughter’s rare illness. As he researched the best ways to raise money, he realized his brothers and sisters in blue were skeptical of existing crowdfunding sites. It was then, Bobby made the decision to build a better platform that all first responders and military can trust.  

Beyond Fund the First, Robert is a decorated Detective with the New York City Police Department where he specializes in complex investigations. During his 12 years in law enforcement, Robert has worked in various roles and the NYPD’s Narcotics Division which included various joint interagency operations with the Department of Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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