Navy EOD Veteran to Indoor Skydiving – Bob Pizzini elevates your leadership

Bob Pizzini iFly Elevate your leadership

Navy EOD Veteran to Indoor Skydiving - Bob Pizzini elevates your leadership.

Bob Pizzini says Navy EOD is the "Nation's best kept secret and most lethal weapon." And all this time I thought that title went to the Army Combat Engineers.

The Spotlight

Pizzini enlisted in the Navy at 18 and began a 26 year first career that included Navy diving and "about a thousand jumps" from aircraft. Training all over the country, he realized Virginia Beach needed and did not have a vertical wind tunnel. The location seemed perfect - a combination of high density military and a resort destination for civilians.

That began a six year marathon culminating in the opening of iFly Virginia Beach in 2015 in the heart of the oceanfront.

Pizzini seems to be a natural entrepreneur - but admits he knew nothing when he started. He sought the training he needed to succeed in business for himself, but when he sought the kind of leadership training for his staff he had experienced in the military, it just wasn't there.

So Pizzini has launched Elevate Your Leadership to bring military style leadership education to the private sector.

"Leadership is a perishable skill." says Pizzini.

So he teaches the critical traits of a leader and the art and science of leadership. He discusses his "verses" ...

Lead vs. manage, culture vs. climate, voice vs. vote, performance vs. behavior - a great play on words.

You will enjoy his style and manner, and you should consider a trip to iFly Virginia Beach and the Elevate Your Leadership training for your team.


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