Elise Woodworth – Small Town Indiana Girl to Executive Coach in the DC Metro Area

Elise Woodworth VeteranCrowd Podcast

Elise Woodworth – Small Town Indiana Girl to Executive Coach in the DC Metro Area

Elise’s fear of not making something of herself, led this small town girl to follow in her father’s footsteps attending the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). This decision, along with a four year stint in the Air Force, laid the foundation she needed to pursue entrepreneurship.


Elise says her time at VMI and in the Air Force gave her the leadership skills and “opportunity” to fail, which made her into the person she is today.  She shares; ”One of the things I think people need to understand is that all you need to overcome obstacles, recognize problems and find solutions in business and in your personal life is the right mindset.”

Woodworth Enterprises

She founded Woodworth Enterprises in 2014. Their mission is to “ignite tomorrows leaders, inspire today’s, and help develop teams that will shape history.” One way of achieving this goal is by evaluating the culture of a company, then giving their leadership insight on what values are shared and a clear picture of their workforce’s heartbeat. This evaluation becomes a tool that leadership can use to decide if they want to make any “tweaks or edits” in their management approach.

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