Angela McConnell – Founder of NOVA Veterans Association, a Comprehensive Veteran Care Organization

Northern Virginia Veteran Association

Angela McConnell – Founder of NOVA Veterans Association, a Comprehensive Veteran Care Organization

Angela McConnell’s entrepreneurial work, 22 years in the military and experience within the military and civilian health care systems has given her a passion to help veterans. While working with various veteran service organizations she found many are singularly focused and could only help one type of veteran. She wanted to know why there wasn’t a “one stop shop” to offer comprehensive care for veterans. She saw many veterans just didn’t know where to get their resources. This ultimately led to the founding of NOVA Veterans Association in 2015

NOVA Veterans Association

Northern Virginia Veteran Association is  “one point of entry for comprehensive support”. This unique approach helps the whole veteran get care.  “We are the only local veteran nonprofit that performs a comprehensive veteran intake, determines priority of needs, case manages, coordinates with multiple potential service providers, advocates, and provides continual follow up to ensure services are received and continued as needed.”

Northern Virginia Veteran AssociationSuccess Story

McConnell shares about one veteran in particular. It shows how NOVA Veterans Association is truly meeting the needs of the veterans in their community. Arthur, was a veteran in need of transportation. McConnell was able to connect him with a service to meet this need, but that was just the beginning of this relationship. As Arthur continues to get his needs met he in turn has been able to volunteer himself and serve other veterans.

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