Kevin Black – Army Veteran, Podcaster and Leadership Expert of Unconventional Strategies

Kevin Black Market Leadership

Kevin Black – Army Veteran, Podcaster and Leadership Expert of Unconventional Strategies

Kevin Black, a Virginia Military Institute graduate and former Army military infantry officer steps into the spotlight today. He is a leadership expert, Forbes coach and host of the Black Market Leadership podcast. His military experience drove him to become an entrepreneur. He wanted to offer businesses an unconventional leadership education.

Black Market Leadership

Black Market LeadershipKevin saw a distinct difference between how the military and civilian sectors train their people in leadership. He decided to take his computer war gaming experience from the military and create a unique leadership education for the private business world.  He has helped create over half a billion dollars of value for his clients, through the training and coaching of their executives, directors and frontline managers. His clients can “gain new insights from a non-traditional perspective, connecting leadership to strategy and management, and diving deep into history, military history, and philosophy.”

“In leadership, there’s really two major pillars, people and mission, if you can balance both, you can be a success.”

Black Market Podcast

His podcast is an extension of his leadership training. It’s an opportunity to gain a “leadership education usually reserved for billon-dollar companies”. Kevin will teach you the “art and science of leadership the way military leadership and elite Fortune 500 leaders do”.  He gives you the insights and knowledge that help you excel in your field, business and life.

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