April Mitchell – Military Spouse, Inventor, Owner of 4A’s Creations LLC

April Mitchell Inventor

April Mitchell – Military Spouse, Inventor, Owner of 4A’s Creations LLC

April Mitchell is a mom of four and military spouse. Inventing was not something she sought out to pursue, but grew up in a problem-solving home. It was ingrained in her at a young age to find a solution to any problem that she was faced with just like her dad did. Her first taste began after realizing that the bathroom hand towel always ended up on the floor. This led to too much laundry and a necessary solution. She invented the towel belt.  This was just the beginning of her journey as an inventor.


Right Height Door HookOne or her more recent inventions is the Right Height adjustable over the door hook. Again this was a result of landing in a house that didn’t have many closets, and the door hooks were too high for her children to reach. It is available in major retailer and provides easy access to the whole family.  She is now a two time patent holder.

Family Affair

April continues to invent and design products in the houseware industry, but has also dived into the toy and game industry. This is where is has become a family affair. She has found her kids playing with things that weren’t toys that they tweaked to be a new toy. Her kids have become an integral in the process of creating. She shares her journey, “I knocked on the door of the toy & game industry for about 2 years before signing a license agreement and I have just signed my 4th in less than 6 months.”

She continues to have new ideas so who know’s what might be next.  April also loves to help others with the process of inventing, she is a licensing and product coach with inventRight. Find her contact information below.

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Email: april@4ascreations.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/april-mitchell-7132295b/

Articles:  https://editions.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?m=60492&i=693676&p=10

Book Recommendation:  “One Simple Idea” by Stephen Key

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