Barker Squire – USMC Veteran Entrepreneur Shares his Experience Buying Craneworks, Inc.

Barker Squire Business Owner Craneworks

Barker Squire – USMC Veteran Entrepreneur Shares  his Experience Buying Craneworks, Inc.

Barker Squire served for four years as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. He has always had a desire to lead people and organizations. His time in the USMC solidified this and pushed him to want to become a business owner. After leaving the Mabarker squire USMCrine Corps, Barker received his MBA from Darden School of Business. He planned to open his own business. As business school was coming to an end and some incredibly internships, he still couldn’t quite find his niche. It was then that he determined his path to entrepreneurship would be through purchasing a business.

Buying Craneworks, Inc

It took about a year and a half of searching through over a thousand of companies, but Barker would tell you it was worth the wait.  He had finally found a great fit. A business that was close to where he wanted to live, but also worked with the military. It was this, along with his heart to carry on the legacy of the previous owners that led this to be a successful match. He purchased the company in 2019 and the rest is history. “Craneworks, Inc, specializes in crane inspections, maintenance, repairs and engineering for the United States Navy and Marine Corps.”

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