Bill Militello – Providing Veteran Entrepreneurs a Fast & Easy Way to Raise Capital

Bill Militello LocalVest

Bill Militello – Providing Veteran Entrepreneurs a Fast & Easy Way to Raise Capital

Bill Militello is no stranger to entrepreneurship, after three successful companies he recently founded his fourth, Localvest. He knows what it takes to create a thriving business. After graduating from the Naval Academy, Bill served as a Marine Corps Signals Intelligence Officer. His service created a passion to help the veteran entrepreneur. Bill began his career on Wall Street in 2001. This led to founding Militello Capital in 2011. “Militello Capital guided the wave of registered investment advisors “RIAs” to think beyond Wall Street and challenge the conventional allocation model”. This was just the stepping stone needed to launch Localvest in 2019.


“The success of an entrepreneur, if they need to raise capital, is largely dependent on the size of the wallet of their personal network”, Bill shares. It is this struggle that drove him to create Localvest. Their mission is helping veteran entrepreneurs raise the capital they need with ease.  Localvest is a SaaS (Software as a service) solution, that “goes beyond simply displaying your offering. It works in such a way that investors can easily communicate with you, schedule meetings, request more information, and much more”.

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