Garrett Cathcart – Mission Roll Call, Giving Every Veteran a Voice

Garrett Cathcart Mission Roll Call

Garrett Cathcart – Mission Roll Call, Giving Every Veteran a Voice

Garrett’s military career started as a student at West Point. After graduation he served until 2012 in the United States Army. He spent time in both the Iraq and Afghan wars and ended his time as a Cavalry Troop Commander. There are many lessons he took from his time in service but his greatest lesson was how to take care of people.

Upon separating from the Army, Garrett wasn’t sure where to land. A stint with a medical device company showed that he needed to find purpose in his work. It was this drive that led him to get plugged into veteran organizations. He has for worked for Vetlanta, Bunker Labs,  Team Red, White and Blue and now Mission Roll Call. The idea of Mission Roll Call came from a conversation around a campfire in Montana.

Mission Roll Call:

Mission Roll Call was born out of the realization that almost half of all veterans are unaffiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs or any veteran service organization. They give all veterans a voice on issues impacting their lives. “This unified voice is getting the attention of our nation’s leaders and communities so change can happen.”

“A community where veterans, their spouses, families, and caregivers can share their stories, concerns, hopes, wins, and voice their issues.”

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