Nicole Malone – Air Force Veteran and Nutrition Coach Helping Others Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Nicole Malone Dark Horse Fitness Nutrition Coach

Nicole Malone – Air Force Veteran and Nutrition Coach Helping Others Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Nicole is a 14-year Air Force veteran and Precision Nutrition Certified coach. She has always had a love for fitness. After leaving the service and its very structured environment she struggled with her own health. She encountered a lot of fad diets and short term success but didn’t know how to get fit for life. A furlough as an intel analyst due to Covid helped her take that final leap and found Dark Horse Nutrition, where she merged her passion for fitness and desire to serve others

“I have come to realize that weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle is so much more than just the foods you eat and what you do in the gym.”

Dark Horse Nutrition

Dark Horse Nutrition LLC takes a holistic approach to help each client find their optimal

Nicole Malone Air Force Veteranhealth. As a client you receive individualized nutrition plans and customized fitness programs. Nicole walks you through changing unhealthy behaviors and managing stress. She takes it one step at a time. Her goal is to create a long-term sustainable healthy lifestyle for each client.

Sneaky Fit Podcast

Another avenue to educate others about health and fitness is Nicole’s Sneaky Fit podcast. The podcast drops each Sunday and helps to dispel the health myths out there. Nicole wants to reach as many people as she can to share the truth about weight loss and healthy lifestyles.

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