Bill Watkins – West Point Graduate, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of The Lions Pride

Bill Watkins The Lions Pride

Bill Watkins – West Point Graduate, Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of The Lions Pride

Bill Watkins spent the first half of his life doing everything he wanted. He was a West Point graduate and decorated Army Veteran. Bill had started and sold several companies and learned a lot of life lessons. It was on his 59th birthday that he had an idea. He was at the peak of his life. He loved his family, was in great shape, and had had much success, why couldn’t others do the same? How could he help other’s reach their peak in life, excited, invigorated and not exhausted by the journey. How could he help other’s at the top be fueled by a team around them?  This was the beginning of The Lions Pride. 

“High-Achievers aren’t born. They are made and we make them better.”

A New Type of Network

“The Lions Pride is an invite-only cohort filled with trailblazers who reject the status quo.” It is filled with high-performing individuals that are driven to get more out of life. It “is a powerful network of high-performance leaders”. It is for those seeking professional support, tools to help them succeed and want to be prepared for the next challenge. 

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