Eric Johnson – Naval Academy Graduate takes on Cold Brew Coffee, Founding Trident Coffee

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson – Naval Academy Graduate takes on Cold Brew Coffee, Founding Trident Coffee

Eric JohnsonEric Johnson spent seven years as a civil engineer officer in the United States Navy. After serving he knew he wanted to work for himself. Eric already had a passion for cold brewing coffee. This interest and the shock that not many were in this market gave him a challenge he was ready to pursue and Trident Coffee was founded. With health as a focus, Trident Coffee offers healthy coffee and keto friendly baked goods. 

“Good tasting” and “healthy” belong in the same sentence. We are here to prove it to you. 

Trident Coffee

It’s a brand that inspires people to “craft their own legacy.” It was created to support those with an active lifestyle and works hard to help everyone that drinks their coffee know they are part of something bigger. It’s a unique coffee store that offers both roasted coffee and nitro cold brew.  They have two store fronts located in San Diego county.

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