Jarrod H. Smith – Navy Officer, Military Transition Expert & Founder of Liberty Accelerator Program

Jarrod Smith

Jarrod H. Smith – Navy Officer, Military Transition Expert & Founder of Liberty Accelerator Program

Jarrod is an active duty US Navy Commander. His career has taken him around the world and offered him many unique opportunities. Through his military experiences, he realized a new approach to transition needed to be taken. After watching others transition out of service and himself currently living it, he has become a Military transition expert. Jarrod is currently writing a book.  “The Military Veteran’s DIS-Advantage” will release within the next year. This journey also led to the the launch his company, the Liberty Accelerator Program.

Liberty Accelerator Program

This is a military transition program that helps a military service member start thinking about being ready to transition out of service from the beginning of their career. It focuses on health, self, wealth and relationships and how they pertain to transition. It offers a guide “to proactive, intentions and informed planning for life and liberty during uniformed service and in preparation for far beyond.”

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Website: https://www.jarrodhsmith.com

OPREP Newsletters https://jarrodhsmith.substack.com/

Services List: https://prezi.com/i/qrq7kkmch5sw/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnC2taXyiF-wr31JFFQiB8A

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Severn River Leadership Group:  We are a Veteran-owned small business committed to the development and success of military veterans, first responders, and our community. We invest in each with our time, talent, and treasure through small business investing, coaching, and consulting.

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