Chris Anthony – Army Veteran, Founder & CEO TeamWorx Security

Chris Anthony TeamWorx

Chris Anthony – Army Veteran, Founder & CEO TeamWorx Security

Chris Anthony grew up in Texas. He started out as a successful business executive but knew he wanted something different. At the age of 23 he decided to enlist in the Army and attend Ranger School. After 12 years as a communicator and later an analyst in the Army he was medically retired. He started working for the Department of Defense and was later recruited by John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. In this job Chris “developed solutions to improve our nation’s ability to defend itself from advanced cyber threats”. It was this experience that laid the groundwork for launching, TeamWorx Security. 

TeamWorx Security

It was founded in 2016 by a team that met at the Applied Physics Lab. “TeamWorx Security is a commercial software and technology business helping to integrate people, processes, and technology. We currently work with defense cyber, intelligence, healthcare, and critical infrastructure industries. Simply put, we help organizations streamline their processes, data, tasks, and projects while reducing the cost of your enterprise. We bridge the gap between decision makers at all levels of the organization all at the speed of need.”

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