Aaron Hale- Wounded Veteran Overcame All Odds & Founded E.O.D Fudge Company

Aaron Hale

When Aaron decided to enlist in the Navy he knew he wanted to become a chef. After just a few years he had found success and enjoyed a four year stint in Italy, cooking for many senior leaders. It was during this time he wanted to do more to fight the war that was waging in the Middle East. He soon realized the EOD techs had the coolest gear and were often the first to the fight. He transferred to the Army to become an expert Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) technician. During his second deployment his life changed as an IED exploded in his face in Afghanistan. 

It took years to rehabilitate, but Aaron was motivated. He began running marathons, kayaking, and climbing mountains despite being left blind from his injuries. It was in 2015 he came down with bacterial meningitis, after another brush with death, he was now left deaf. During this entire time Aaron was getting reacquainted with a family friend, McKayla. She soon became his life line, helping him communicate before finally having success with cochlear implants. 

As Aaron rehabbed, his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, was coming up. He began preparing a menu and inviting friends. McKayla saw a new spark in Aaron that she knew she had to keep going. It was dessert that Aaron created that launched their successful business. Aaron had made fudge for that Thanksgiving meal and soon people started requesting it. E.O.D. Fudge was born, but this time E.O.D was for Extra Ordinary Delights. 

Aaron and McKayla have enjoyed the success that E.O.D Fudge has brought as they raise their family of boys and endeavor into another passion, real estate.

Check out their famous fudge at the links below, get it before it’s gone.

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Website: http://www.eodfudge.com

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/EODconfections

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/EODconfections

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