Andrews & Wilson- Navy Veterans & Best-Selling Co-Authors of Action-Adventure Thriller Series

Andrews and Wilson

Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson are a coauthor team of multiple action-adventure thriller series.  They met up the year they both debuted as authors and found the common ground of being veterans in an organization called International Thriller Writers. 

Both Navy veterans, but coming from very different career paths. Brian was a submarine officer with a psychology degree. Jeffrey on the other hand was a combat surgeon in the US Navy. Each of them continued to add to their resume with a variety of careers before making author a full-time gig.

They love to share their passion for writing books as a business and a career. That has been a mission and career of writing books that are entertaining but also share stories to honor those men and women that have served and are still serving in the military. They have multiple series that are bound to keep you reading. 

Their most recent release, Rogue Asset, a W.E.B Griffin, Presidential Agent novel, just hit the shelves December 7th. There are so many other books on the horizon. Book two of the the Shepherd Series, Dark Angel comes out in April. Sons of Valor, book two comes out in June. The third book of the Shepherd Series, comes out in October of next year. And for those following the Tier One series. It is not over, book seven is coming next winter.  Check out more at their links below. 

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