Ryan Bodenheimer – Thunderbird Pilot, Air Force Veteran & Co-Founder Be Jet Clean

Ryan Bodenheimer - Thunderbird Pilot Air Force Veteran & Co-Founder Be Jet Clean

Ryan grew up watching his dad fly fighter jets. At the time he didn’t know that he’d end up following in his footsteps, but the events of 9-11 solidified his desire to serve. Ryan flew the F-15E, but also spent a tour flying the Thunderbirds. He traveled the world to showcase the Air Force’s “pride, precision and professionalism” through air shows and flyovers. Even during his active duty career Ryan was pursuing entrepreneurship. Originally he helped found, Flying Scarfs, a nonprofit offering an online market for Afghan products to help women in Afghanistan create an income in 2011.  This endeavor also gave him the passion to make sure all “profits had purpose”. 

Ryan Bodenheimer - Thunderbird Pilot Air Force Veteran & Co-Founder Be Jet Clean
Dale Wood & Ryan Bodenheimer

Be Jet Clean

Be Jet Clean was originally thought of during a deployment to Afghanistan. His fellow flight-mates had the same dislike for their current grooming products. Ryan didn’t like that his research showed him that “mainstream soaps have the same ingredients as car wash soaps.” Upon returning from this deployment he set to work creating over 2,000 Ryan Bodenheimer - Thunderbird Pilot Air Force Veteran & Co-Founder Be Jet Cleanproducts in his kitchen with the help of his now, co-owner, Dale Wood. When those items sold in just 3 months they knew they were on to something. Be Jet Clean continues to have the mindset of “profits for purpose” as they give 10% to help support and empower other veterans and veteran service organizations. 

If you listened to the podcast and are curious about Ryan’s call-sign of “Neo”, check out the origins here. 

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Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/bejetclean/

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-y2wMNk24Fi-J2qbTTYQA

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