Randal Wimmer – Navy Veteran, Government Contracting Academy Founder

Randal Wimmer

Randy Wimmer – Navy Veteran, Government Contracting Academy Founder

Randal Wimmer is a Naval Academy graduate. It was his father’s service in the Navy and influence that led to that decision. He didn’t know the impact that decision would have on his life.  It truly set Randal on a new trajectory. He served 10 years as a surface warfare officer. Little did he know the training that the military provided, set him up for a successful path of entrepreneurship.

He originally began as an entrepreneur to help support his growing family. His first attempt to launch Analytic Strategies LLC, a FedGov contracting company failed. This only fueled Randal to learn more and  find various jobs to teach him how to navigate the world of government contracting. It eventually led to a very successful relaunch after yet another failed attempt. “He has led proposal efforts culminating in over a billion dollars in awarded government contracts and has led multiple successful FedGov contracting companies to rewarding acquisitions.”

Government Contracting Academy

His entire entrepreneur journey has led Randy to found the Government Contracting Academy. He has now over 30 years of military, contracting and entrepreneurial experience which he is ready to share with others to help set them up to success. “Government Contracting Academy, a social-impact company that provides aspiring entrepreneurs a comprehensive training and support program to launch a company in the FedGov contracting market. Government Contracting Academy is unique in that it lays a trail of breadcrumbs that can lead aspiring entrepreneurs from working on a laptop at their kitchen table to successfully starting a company that taps into the trillions of dollars the US Federal Government spends.”

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