Kit Lisle – Former Army Intelligence Officer & Founder of

Kit Lisle

Kit Lisle – Former Army Intelligence Officer & Founder of

An influential history teacher and a retired Colonel for a dad, paved the way for Kit to join the Army. Kit was an Army  intelligence officer. After spending years reading battlefield maps he translated that skill to reading marketing maps and carved out a niche for himself in the private equity arena.  He is the founder of Acclaro Growth Partners, a growth strategy consulting firm for the Middle Market M&A Ecosystem, and of, a community for PE-backed executives. Lyle is a seasoned strategist, researcher, and analyst who has a natural talent for identifying growth opportunities and executing successful strategies.

Executives of PE-backed portfolio companies often find themselves faced with “Private Equity Culture Shock”. To help them work through this was created.  The mission is to “empower Operators in their roles as executives of PE-backed portfolio companies, by enabling them to find the answers they need, succeed in their value creation quests more easily and efficiently, gain enhanced peace of mind and contentment by making their jobs easier, and facilitate ways for them to find their next role more quickly and efficient.”

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