Phil Dana – LinkedIn Expert, Helping Veterans Network & Transition

Phil Dana, LinkedIn Expert

Phil Dana – LinkedIn Expert, Helping Veterans Network & Transition

Phil Dana grew up in a long line of veterans and when Desert Shield came around he knew he was ready to get in the fight. He enlisted in the Navy right out of high school.  He later attended the United States Naval Academy and commissioned as a Surface Warfare officer.  After the military he landed in Human Resources all across various industries.  Along the way he has spent a lot of time becoming an expert at LinkedIn. Perfecting how to best utilize it effectively and efficiently. He loves to share his experiences and teach other veterans how to successfully network and transition specifically using LinkedIn

LinkedIn Tips

  1. Bring your profile to life. Include hobbies and passions. Tell a story with your profile and pictures. This allows you to share a piece of your culture and attract companies and others you will align with.
  2. Take time to follow and engage with others in the industries you are passionate about.
  3. Use it for the following: efficiently learn and grow as a professional, help others and create a solid network

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Honor Foundation: a transition institute created exclusively for the U.S. Special Operations community;

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Our “forever promise” is to build the veteran and military spouse community a place to connect and engage. VeteranCrowd is simply a national network of veterans, veteran led businesses and the resources they need to prosper. Subscribe to stay in touch.

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