Gregg F. Martin – Army Major General (Ret.), Author, Bipolar Survivor & Thriver

Gregg F. Martin – Army Major General (Ret.), Author, Bipolar Survivor & Thriver

Gregg Martin is a retired major general and a distinguished 36-year Army combat veteran who has left an indelible mark on the military. Throughout his illustrious career, he commanded various military units, including an engineer company, battalion, and the 130th Engineer Brigade in combat.

Beyond the battlefield, he held esteemed positions such as the president of the National Defense University, commander of Ft. Leonard Wood, and commandant of the Army War College. What makes Gregg’s journey truly remarkable is his unwavering resilience in the face of bipolar disorder, a personal battle he openly shares about in his book BIPOLAR GENERAL: My Forever War with Mental Illness.

Gregg Martin’s journey exemplifies an indomitable spirit that offers hope and inspiration to others confronting challenges in their lives.

BIPOLAR GENERAL: My Forever War with Mental Illness

“This memoir serves as both an education and a source of inspiration, aiming to dispel the stigma around mental illness, alleviate suffering, and save lives, aligning with my personal mission. It tracks my journey through the ups and downs of bipolar disorder.  In sharing my story, I hope to offer a beacon of hope, a spark of inspiration, the power of love and faith, and knowledge that could be life-saving.”

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