Jen Amos – Award Winning Podcaster of Holding Down the Fort

Jen Amos – Award Winning Podcaster of Holding Down the Fort

Jen Amos is an award winning podcaster and online entrepreneur.  Growing up as a Gold Star Daughter and later becoming a military spouse has taught her the importance of community. Podcasting has not only given her the ability to build a community across the country but also an avenue to battle depression.

As the award winning podcaster of Holding Down the Fort, Jen Amos is “dedicated to curating knowledge, resources and relevant stories for military spouses, so they can continue to make confident and informed decisions for themselves and their families.” Jen covers a wide variety of topics, but her preferred ones involve military families, entrepreneurs, women, and mental health.

With over 300 episodes under her belt, she has a passion to get to know her guests. She truly appreciates the unique story each one shares. As a podcaster her favorite thing to do is learn what she has in common with her guests. Jen shares, “I think podcasting has been the perfect medium to find community in anyone you interact with, we all come from different walks of life, but we’re more alike than different. My primary goal when I interview people is to find out what do I have in common with this person.”

And she’s also the wife of Scott Tucker, author of Veteran Wealth Secrets and former guest on the VeteranCrowd Spotlight episode 42.


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